Hi! I'm Amanda. I've been a photographer for 14 years now. I worked full time as a photographer for a few years until I started a job working for family and juggling everything I was doing became too much. I took some time away from photography and have recently stepped back into a photography role and have been loving it so much.. I'm a mom of two amazing humans and have a bit of a zoo at home. It’s a ton of fun and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
My clients are like family to me. I love to be brought to the birthdays, anniversaries, new additions and everything in between. I love being a part of your lives in more ways than just snapping a photo. I may be a busy mom now after all these years so it may take a little extra time for me to reply but I care even more now than I thought I did in 2010. As a mother and as an adult I have truly seen how fast the years go at any stage from newborn to 90th birthday. We need to take the time to appreciate every moment in this crazy, beautiful life. It’s my job to freeze these moments and make these memories last forever so that you and your family can look back and remember everything, including all of the little details of this time in life that you cherish. 
Check out my contact page to reach out for pricing and availability. I will no longer be using social media for communication, only my website and email. Thank you!
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